You remember it; it was billed as one of the most important things we would ever learn. The Dewey friggin' Decimal system was maybe the most convoluted thing I have ever been taught.

I looked it up, it was invented by Melvil Dewey in 1876. For those who don't know, it was a reference system for libraries. It was supposed to, according to Wikipedia, teach relative location concepts. What it taught me, in hindsight, is that you should not buy just anything someone is selling. This super confusing system of finding a book was jammed down the throats of American high school students for a hundred plus years.

I actually got into an argument with my library teacher over this. I insisted that in the future, there is no way this is the system we will use to find a book. Guess what? Ole' Whistles Dingle Dangle was right.

Here's a thought, Dewey. Let's just use that thing we call the alphabet. I hear good things about it. If you have kids in high school, and you remember this the way I do, you should tell them what we had to put up with. I'm certain they won't believe it.

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