I'm a Mallrat, always been. Remember the Ansonia Mall? The Naugatuck Valley Mall in Waterbury? I do. Over the past couple of months, I've walked through every shopping mall in Connecticut, and only two brought me joy.

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Those two? Westfarms Mall in Farmington, and Danbury Fair Mall. Why? Almost every retailer and anchor space is filled with stores that at least partially sparked some interest. I walked through 5 other malls around the state, and found absolutely nothing that inspired. Those 5?

The Connecticut Malls That Really Don't Bring Joy Anymore

Even in this Amazon age, I still love cruising the malls of Connecticut. I've always loved Danbury Fair and Westfarms, but lately I've found that most of them are so sparse, they're depressing, especially these.

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Have you heard of Swimply.com? Do you like swimming, but don't have a pool? Go to Swimply.com and you might be able to rent a private pool right in your neighborhood. If you live near Middlebury, I found a really beautiful rental for you to check out.

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