With the former owner of Tuxedo Junction in prison, the City of Danbury has found a new purpose for the former entertainment venue.

Through our conversation with Mayor Mark Boughton, we've learned that the City of Danbury has given the Mayor the go-ahead to buy the 7,000 square foot concert hall, Tuxedo Junction. Tuxedo's closed after former owner, Ian Bick was sentenced to a three year prison term for investment fraud.

The plan is to renovate it with an industrial warehouse feel so it could be used for any kind of program or show. The Mayor told us he pictures an intimate small theatre with 250 seats, and went on to tell us:

Maybe we should name it the Hat City Community Theatre.

The building's owner, Ron Jowdy, told Danbury Patch that he thinks the location is perfect, as it is right in the middle of downtown Danbury and within walking distance of the new Kennedy Flats apartments. Jowdy went on to say that the building, even though it's been used for many years, is still in great shape.

My question to you is, over the years can you name any show at Tuxedo Junction that stands out from the others? Here's a video of Kansas during Tuxedo's rock n' roll hey-day in 1994.


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