It's hard to believe that after almost two years, the investigation regarding the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos is still active. Jennifer's ex-husband, Fotis Dulos, was charged with capital murder but died by suicide before a trial could begin.

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The investigation had taken on a new macabre type twist when the Connecticut State Police called in Bob Perry, also known as the Bone Finder, who was interviewed by Hearst Connecticut Media. Perry is a U.S. Army and Navy veteran and his business is finding irregularities underneath the ground using radar. In other words, Perry's Bone Finder was brought in to find out if there were any of Jennifer Dulos's remains buried on the property.

Bob Perry's Bone Finder - Fox61 YouTube Finder..
Bob Perry's Bone Finder - Fox61 YouTube Finder.

Connecticut State Police requested Perry bring his Bone Finder to search specific areas of the former Fotis Dulos property at 80 Mountain Spring Road in Farmington. After Jennifer disappeared, Fotis and then-girlfriend Michelle Troconis spent the afternoon at the property. Perry told Hearst Connecticut Media he was told Fotis was talking to surveyors.

Fotis wanted to know if anyone would be able to dig the area up. That was suspicious to the surveyors, so they reported it to police.

After examining five locations on the property, Perry's Bone Finder labeled them "low probability" for human remains. The following day, authorities had an excavator brought in to uncover those five locations. Perry said he hasn't heard if they turned up anything.

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