I was talking with my co-worker, Maureen, about the Mad Mouse at Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury the other day, and she told me that the mini-coaster had always terrified her. I loved that ride as a kid!

Now, the Wooden Warrior at Quassy? That used to scare me. Now, I'm way out of the loop. Literally. These modern coasters are way too much for my fluffy torso. But, there are quite a few people that love these rides, and, luckily for us, the scared few, we can safely ride along from the comfort of our chairs and watch their videos. Check out some of the scariest rides that Lake Compounce in Bristol, and Quassy Amusement Park in Middlebury, have to offer.

I've seen the commercials for this first coaster, Phobia Phear at Lake Compounce, many times, here's a first-person perspective of this insane coaster:

Another legendary coaster at Compounce is Boulder Dash, here's a crisp video of the ride

The Wooden Warrior at Quassy is small, but packs a punch. Here's a great video of the ride

And, even though it is no more, enjoy one last ride on Quassy's Mad Mouse, this video was shot the last week it was in operation

The Mad Mouse felt so rickety! I always felt as if I would end up in the lake. Well, I hope you made it off this page with the contents of your stomach intact. I admit, I felt a bit queasy after watching a couple of them.

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