We've all experienced the horror of using an awful public bathroom, a dirty, cramped stall is my nightmare. Hey, as they say, $#it happens. I'll try to steer you in the right direction.

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I'm a lifelong Seinfeld fan, and I identify with Seinfeld character George Costanza's stance when it come to public restrooms. His character feels as if he can direct you to the best public bathroom to use anywhere in the city. I feel as if I can direct you to the best public bathrooms around Connecticut, and a few of the worst too.

First, let me tell you the worst public toilets that I've encountered over the years, they're both on major Connecticut highways. The first one is on I-95 Northbound in Darien. My God. It's the first place that offers a safe haven to go after getting out of NYC metro, and the literal flood of filth is impossible to keep up with. The workers there don't make enough for what they have to deal with every day. My pick for runner-up just thankfully got a makeover, but if you've ever stopped at the Tolland rest stop on I-84 Westbound in the Northeast corner of the state, you won't stop there now, even though it's been completely renovated, I'm scarred for life. Onto the good ones now.

The 'George Costanza-Level' Public Restrooms of Connecticut

Seinfeld is great for it's exploration of our quirks, and I identify so much with Seinfeld character George Costanza's level of standard for public restrooms that he would use. Some public restrooms are far superior to others around Connecticut, and here are some of my picks for the nicest ones.

And here's my inspiration for the article, I was watching this episode last night, enjoy -

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