When Sons of Anarchy ended, I was legitimately upset. Sons is, without a doubt, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Good news, though, for fans of the hit FX show, and of Kurt Sutter.

Sutter is shooting the pilot for the new spin off called Mayans MC in March of this year. Emilio Rivera played Alvarez, and will reprise that role in the new show. We spoke to him this morning about the new project and the success of the original show:

Interesting to hear from Emilio about his friend and boss Kurt Sutter. For those who do not know Sutter is the brains behind Sons of Anarchy and seems to be a really interesting guy. I had to ask about Opie's death because that was a real kick in the stomach to all the fans. I am psyched about the new spin off. I just pray that we will get some cameos from surviving characters from the Sons of Anarchy MC.

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