There are quite a few stringent regulations set in place as to how we can eat in our favorite restaurants again. Most eateries are hard at work at this very moment trying to comply with the new personal safety standards that have been set. Creating outdoor dining spaces has been at the top of the list for my friends that are in the restaurant business. Serving your patrons outside at a safe social distance from each other is going to be very tough for a lot of places. But there are some restaurants around greater Waterbury that are better off than most. I created this list of some of the best places with outdoor dining options for you to consider. Listen, we've all been inside for far too long, and eating outside during May and June in Connecticut is usually beautiful.

The 9 Nicest Places to Eat Outdoors Around Greater Waterbury

Check with each of these restaurants before you head out, the rules and regulations are changing by the hour it seems. I hope that all of these places thrive through the support of all of us that they've kept fed around Greater Waterbury. I'll see you on the patio.

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