As I was browsing the Reddit/CT page, I spotted an interesting question that asked, "What's the Worst Shopping Mall in the State? It just so happens I haven't been to any malls in Connecticut over the last five years, not even Danbury Fair.

As I scrolled down the post for answers and comments regarding the worst malls in Connecticut, I came across a Reddit member who calls himself "SpiderMuse." As it turns out, SM visited every indoor mall in the State and then rated them 1 through 12, with Danbury Fair coming in at #1

The following photo gallery tells the story of the Worst 6 Malls in Connecticut according to a Reddit contributor who visited all 12 malls on the list. The top 3 best malls in the state are Danbury Fair, Stamford Town Center, and Westfarms Mall in Farmington according to SpiderMuse. This Reddit thread appeared in 2019, but I do believe the mall situation has gotten worse over the last three years.

Dead Mall Walking: The 6 Worst Malls in Connecticut

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