I was talking to my brother Steve about the culinary wasteland that is Middlebury, Connecticut, and how many more food options are available to you once you get out of Middlebury.

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I'm amazed that the zoning and planning commission even allowed a Dunkin in town, because they've managed to keep every National fast food conglomerate from infiltrating. Southbury? Waterbury? Watertown? Naugatuck? Oxford? National drive-thru restaurants in all of them. Middlebury? Nope.

Why? I don't honestly know, I've never attended or listened to a planning and zoning meeting in Middlebury, but I'm sure it has to do with keeping their beautiful town free of mouth-breathing fatties like me out? Or keeping the seagulls that steal your fries out? I kid, it's done to keep Middlebury clean, and smelling like the good stuff - like the food you'll get if you try these tried and true restaurants. I've sat down at all of these places, ordered takeout multiple times, and here's my scorecard of the 6 places in Middlebury that have never served me a mediocre meal. Onbioucly, every place has an off-night, or an off-employee, but, it's my opinion, and I'm sticking to these -

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