The culmination of curiosity often comes to a climax with a Google search. Say that mouthful five times fast. Only on Google can one find a plethora of answers to questions they have, or never knew they had.

I know what Danbury is. If you’re reading this, you probably do you too. Of course we know Danbury is the fourth most populated city in Fairfield County, and seventh most of all Connecticut cites. Common sense.

What about those who don’t know Danbury? When one Google’s Danbury, what gets spit out? Together let us enter onto a voyage of curiosity, and explore a topic you probably didn’t know you were curious about until just now: What are some common responses Google has for outsiders who search “Danbury?”

  1. Is Danbury CT a good place to live?

Answer: A 24/7 Wall St. study looked at the 550 cities in the United States populated by 65,000 or more as measured by the U.S. Censes Bureau and found based on a bunch of variables such as crime rate, employment growth, access to retauraunts and attractions, educational attainment, and housing affordability, Danbury is the second (!!!) best city to live in the US of A. I know what your wondering now, whose first? Meridian, Idaho. WHO?! Exactly. *rolls eyes*

  1. What does Danbury mean?

Answer: Not much juice to this answer. Danbury’s name comes from a city in Essex, England, also called (you guessed it) Danbury.

  1. How many square miles is Danbury CT?

Answer: 41.89 square miles. Again, a simple answer, but I’m impressed here. I knew Danbury was big, but almost 42 square miles is just downright impressive.

  1. When was Danbury founded?

Answer: Though colonists originally settled in Danbury in 1685, it wasn’t until 1702 that a formal town patent was granted. This place is older than dirt in dog years.

Well folks, that concludes our Google curiosity voyage for today. Before I go, I want to leave you with this: Since Danbury’s formal creation in 1702, this city has certainly come a long way. At one point, Danbury produced almost a quarter of the hats in all of America, which helped the city earn the nickname the “Hat City.” It was started by 8 colonists families, and has since manifested into 85,000 residents, making it safe to say that Danbury is both a grower AND a show-er. I don’t know about you, but this great, historical, and ever growing city is one I am certainly proud to call my home.

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