As I was filling up my tank last night, I looked up and chuckled when I saw the parody sticker of President Joe Biden that you see in the photo above. It's on one of the brand-new gas pumps at the brand new Cumberland Farms on Straits Turnpike in Middlebury. The new Cumby has only been open for a couple of months, but I've seen the price for 87 Octane Unleaded soar from around $3.05 when the new Cumby first opened, up to it's current $3.39.

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Everything is more expensive, food, housing, etc. but, especially gas and oil. I've always been a seeker when it comes to saving a couple of bucks on my fill-ups. I'll drive 4 miles away, if I can save $3.00, I'm not ashamed to say. I thought that the new Cumberland Farms in Middlebury had some of the cheapest gas around, but I was wrong. As of today, November 15, 2021, there is 1 gas station here in the state that still sells 87 Octane Unleaded for under $3.00 a gallon, and there are at least 9 other places that are selling it cheaper than the $3.39 I paid last night.

I did some digging through, and here's the 10 cheapest places to buy gas in Connecticut as of today.

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