Today marks my last day here at the Home of Rock & Roll after 31 years total, over two tours of duty.

I started in 1985 at the age of 19, doing the Saturday night overnight shift. I spent the first few hours almost unable to breathe from the excitement of being on not only a kick-ass Rock station, but my truly favorite station. I did my first several years in radio at soft-rock AM stations, so the chance to get on the air and play Zeppelin, the Stones and my favorite, Bruce Springsteen, was a huge thrill and still is.

Over the years here, I did weekends, nights, afternoons, middays... every shift except mornings. (We sorta have a really good and legendary morning show so that was never something I was tasked to do.)

I left in 1995 to go to our then-sister station on Long Island. From there, it was stops in Manchester, New Hampshire and Knoxville, Tennessee before getting the chance to come home to CT in 2001.

What's next for me? Not sure yet. My kids have left the nest (one is just about to) so the timing is perfect for my next adventure. But I will always carry nothing but great memories of my time here at I-95. We've hung out together at events, concerts, food drives, 5K runs and charity dog walks. I've played the Friday song for people who just got married, just passed away, just had a baby and countless other important milestones in their lives. And I've gotten paid to play the best music ever recorded at one of the nation's longest running and most legendary Rock stations. Who couldn't love that!

Thanks to Townsquare Media, and the station's previous owners, Cumulus Media, Aurora Communications, Danbury Broadcasting and Home News Corporation for the great years here.  But most of all thank to you, the listeners, for listening all these years. It's been a joy and privilege to rock you every day. See you at 3 for one final My 3 Songs. Love ya!

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