Jeez, it's not too often that local police get a double-dipper, but that's exactly what allegedly happened in Wilton this past Saturday.

According to NBC Connecticut, 64-year-old Ellen Needlemen-O'Neill of Old Farms Road in Wilton, decided that she was better off behind the wheel of her Black Lexus instead of laid up on her living room couch. Bad Choice Ellen.

Needlemen-O'Neill allegedly plowed into a parked vehicle in a parking lot, and a concerned citizen reported her to the Wilton PD. When the police arrived, they say they could smell the rotgut wafting out of her ride, conducted a field sobriety test, which she allegedly failed miserably, to the tune of .23 - nearly three times the legal limit.

She was charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance, after police reportedly found a pain med in her purse. This was the moment in time where most rational people realize that they're in trouble, and call in that favor to their cousin the attorney.

Police say not Needlemen-O'Neill. Six hours after her initial arrest, she was allegedly observed driving away from a packie. Officers stopped her on Old Farms Road, conducted another field sobriety test, and AGAIN found her to be allegedly operating her motor vehicle intoxicated. So, they charged her with DUI for the 2nd time in 6 hours.

Needlemen-O'Neill is scheduled to appear in court on September 17, let's hope she Ubers.

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