Credit: Danbury Police Department

For the tenth time since Friday, arrests have been made at Farrington Woods Park on Mill Plain Road in Danbury involving men engaging in public sex acts. Obviously, these men have not been paying attention to the local news over the past several days, otherwise, they'd get themselves a hotel room.

As discovered by the other men that were arrested this past week, the Danbury Community Conditions Unit has been running surveillance in Farrington Woods Park, and the park's parking lot. After parking their vehicles and heading down a trail into the park's wooded area, police observed 75-year-old Richard Moynihan of Stormville, NY, and 52-year-old Ferney Arcila-Hernandez of Mahopac engaging in sexual activity in a clearing on the side of the park's main trail. Both men have been charged with public indecency, and were released on $500 bonds.

Fellas, this is 2016. Nobody cares about your sexual orientation. The thing that we do care about, however, is the possibility that children in our community can very easily stumble upon activities which they do not deserve to be exposed to. Aside from that, no casual park goer wants to be solicited for sex while they're trying to enjoy nature in Farrington Woods.

Furthermore, how are these men not getting the memo that this is no longer the spot to get up and get down? Are they that preoccupied to not notice that their boys, Henry, Rafael, Marvin, Bruno, Jay, Stuart, Mike, and Patsy haven't joined the party in the park as of late?

The police surveillance is based on several recent complaints that casual park goers have been solicited for sex acts by males in the park’s parking lot. Aside from the solicitations, others have stated that they have seen numerous adult males engaged in various sexual activities both in the woods and in the parking lot area.