You can grab a coffee almost anywhere, at your neighborhood convenience store or gas station but those aren't real coffee shops.

The following are ten of the best coffee shops in greater Danbury according to Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews along with my favs as well. I have not included the corporate coffee franchises like Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

  • Mothership Bakery and Cafe in Danbury - Photo Taken Before Remodeling - Credit - Google Instant
    Mothership Bakery and Cafe in Danbury - Photo Taken Before Remodeling - Credit - Google Instant

    Mothership Bakery and Cafe - Danbury

    The Mothership is one of my favs. They're located at 331 Main Street in Danbury and not only is their coffee delicious but all of their breakfast and bakery items are homemade. Once you stop in for your first time, you will be back. My choice is their Panini of the Day. Mothership Bakery can be reached at 203-417-6914. Go there!

    Yelp Rating - 4.25/5

  • Rumors Cafe - Danbury
    Rumors Cafe - Danbury

    Rumors European Cafe - Danbury

    Rumors Cafe has consistently been on top of the Yelp and Google ratings at a 4.5/5. Reviewers rave about the incredible coffee and the ambience. Many reviewers claim Rumors is the absolute best in the area.

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    The Goodie Shoppe - New Fairfield

    The Goodie Shoppe is a comfortable neighborhood coffee shop, bakery/cafe in New Fairfield. Most folks have their favorite coffee shop and this one is mine. Mark Jayson, a culinary school graduate is celebrating his 20th year in New Fairfield. Everything is baked on the premises from breads to cookies, muffins, danish, pies, and coffee cake and everything is delicious! I have a weak spot for his Black & White cookies. Special orders are welcome at 203-746-7279 and tell Mark that Ethan sent you!

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    The Bank Street Coffee House - New Milford

    The Bank Street Coffee House is located at 56 Bank Street and is a New Milford institution. Betsy D. from Sherman said it best in her Yelp review, "Fun and just funky enough, friendly service, good coffee, and a decent selection of food and sweets."

  • Credit: Google
    Credit: Google

    Village Perk Cafe - Sandy Hook

    The Village Perk is at 3 Glen Road in Sandy Hook and is described by Yelp reviewers as a friendly neighborhood gathering place right next to a babbling brook that serves great coffee, paninni's and homemade gelato. Reviewers love the vibe.

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    Molten Java - Bethel

    Molten Java at their new location at 213 Greenwood Ave. in Bethel has a bit of a hipster vibe to it. They feature new coffee's on a regular basis and Yelp reviewers love the roomy eclectic feel.

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    Tusk and Cup - Ridgefield

    The Tusk and Cup is located at 51 Ethan Allen Highway in Ridgefield. Yelp reviewers describe the The Tusk as a hip and happenin' coffee shop complete with a friendly staff that whip up some mighty fine lattes and expressos.

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    Jester's Coffee - Brookfield

    Jester's Coffee is located in Brookfield at 331 Federal Road. Yelp reviewers rave about the Kombacha tea. Reviewers also mentioned their generous breakfast sandwiches, muffins, and their great variety of gluten free baked goods.

    Yelp Ratings - 4.5/5

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    Cafe Xpresso - Newtown

    Cafe Xpresso can be found at 150 S Main Street in Newtown. Yelp reviewers love the variety of excellent coffees, sandwiches that border on gourmet, bagels from Brooklyn, and a friendly caring staff.

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    Layla's Bakery - Brookfield

    Layla's Bakery at 316 Federal Road in Brookfield is located right next store to I-95's old studio's in the Stone House from the late 70's. Yelp reviewers loved the crepes, breakfast sandwiches, and the muffins.

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