Mold and mildew, rodent feces, dust, and asbestos are inundating some of Connecticut's schools.

A survey of almost 1,200 teachers by the Connecticut Education Association tells the story of a dangerous work environment. It's not the kids, it's the environmental issues that are leading to respiratory problems among teachers according to an article on the website,

Towns from Stamford to Manchester are reporting respiratory illnesses, rashes, sinus problems, and coughing, lots of coughing. A total of 344 schools in 104 school districts answered the survey. Some of the teacher's symptoms were so bad, they had to go on sick leave. Attorney Melanie Kolek from the Connecticut Education Association had this to say,

We don't want kids walking into schools thinking they are going to get sick that day because of mold infestation or rodent droppings. There has to be a safe place for kids to go, for our teachers to teach.

There have been reports of mold and other environmental concerns in Bridgeport, East Hartford, Manchester, Naugatuck, Orange, and Ridgefield. Fifty teachers at Westhill High School in Stamford are experiencing respiratory distress and feeling dizzy.

Another dangerous factor affecting both students and teachers during the warmer months is excessive heat. Bridgeport Education Association president, Gary Peluchette told the Connecticut Mirror that "dogs are treated better than students when it comes to heat."

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