There are reports that methane gas is seeping into the air from underground pipes in Danbury.

The NewsTimes is reporting that methane gas is leaking from natural gas pipelines in sections of Danbury and other Connecticut cities. A study was recently conducted by researchers who attached a methane detection device on certain vehicles throughout Danbury. The devices are programmed to catch spikes in the air caused by leaks.

Why is this a big deal? Last September, exploding underground gas lines in Massachusetts severely damaged over 40 homes and caused over 80 fires in the Andover and North Andover sections of the state and officials fear that the exact same thing could happen in Connecticut. Here's a short news video of the gas explosion in Massachusetts in September of last year.

The study was conducted for the Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club which is an environmental organization that fights for the world's natural resources and renewable energy. They say that the leaks are invisible and aren't being monitored or repaired in a timely manner.

Michael Caron, a spokesman for the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority disagrees with the Sierra Club's findings saying they have a strict program in place to inspect possible leaky pipes and to repair or replace old pipes. He went on to say that there is no way that what happened in Massachusetts is going to happen in Connecticut.

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