According to NBC Connecticut, a new study reveals half of the deer ticks in Connecticut have Lyme Disease. Last year, Jamie Cantoni and her colleagues at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station collected more than 2,500 ticks and studied them for Lyme Disease. The results were staggering, revealing that 46% of the deer ticks from the study had Lyme Disease.

After reading the article I jumped over to Reddit to see what the online community had to say about it and picked out my favorite quotes:


"Got Lyme last year. Little f-----s. Them and mosquitos, two species I wouldn’t mind wiped off the planet."

"I mean their food for birds right? I’m no biologist but if we just removed them from the food chain, i have to imagine that would have an effect right? Basically all life is intertwined with the overall system."

"F--k Lyme"

"Don't forget fleas and bed bugs. Bed bugs are god damn nightmare fuel."

"Again, I’m not an expert so I really don’t know the exact effects but there are a lot of those f-----s out there so a sudden removal of that much biomass has to tip the scales for something in the biosphere. Maybe something it competes with that would run rampant or whatever it’s it (bats as you stated) would need to shift to other food sources, either starving the bats or causing them to now overeat whatever they shift to. The point being is that nothing in nature exists in isolation. And while I don’t know enough to tell you what the exact effects will be, I'm skeptical of any statement that says that NOTHING will happen."

Well I learned nothing but was super excited to find out that ticks apparently make people swear no matter how seriously they are treating the subject. Keep your head on a swivel kids, 2020 is a big disease year.



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