New York is one of the top states for dog bites on postal workers.

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According to an annual study by the United States Postal Service, The Empire State ranks #6 for dog bites, out of the 50 states. The study shows that USPS employees in New York, reported a total of 239 dog bite incidents in 2021. That is down from 2020, when there were 294 dog bites statewide. Below are the only 5 states that have a higher volume of bites:

#1 - California - 2021 - 656 bites

#2 - Texas - 2021 - 368 bites

#3 - Ohio - 2021 - 359 bites

#4 - Pennsylvania - 2021 - 281 bites

#5 - Michigan - 2021 - 244 bites

The top city in the country, for bites on USPS workers was Cleveland, OH which is where 58 of the state's 359 bites took place in 2021.

The study found some other, very interesting nuggets of information about dog bites, by talking with USPS employees. Here is some of what they learned:

  • Many attacks reported by letter carriers came from dogs whose owners regularly stated, “My dog won’t bite.”
  • More than 5,400 postal employees were attacked by dogs in the United States in 2021.
  • Even friendly dogs will bite, depending on the circumstance.
  • Pet owners also should remind their children not to take mail directly from a letter carrier as the dog may view the carrier as a threat.
  • To avoid being bit, the letter carriers should intentionally make some noise entering a homeowners yard to alert the dog they are coming. A surprised dog, can be an unhappy dog.
  • Of the 32 cities USPS examined for dog bite stats, Indianapolis was the safest in 2021, with just 15 bites reported.

The study findings make clear, in several manners that they are not attempting to vilify dogs. Dogs who do bite, are typically feeling threatened or attempting to protect their family members and home.

Dogs are dope AF man, and so are postal workers, I just hope they can work this out.

We spoke about this on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on Thursday (6/23/22), you can listen below.

P.S. My favorite dog bite reference comes from one of my favorite movies, "Friday." The scene features Ice Cube as "Craig" speaking to his father John Witherspoon about getting a job. WARNING: The clip contains profanity and poop humor. 

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