The fountain of youth is a necessary myth.

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None of us wants to face our own mortality and many of us refuse to talk about it. While the topic can be sobering and quite scary, the news about mortality gets better with each year. The advances in science and life-saving tech have seen exponential growth in the past few decades. The forecast is even better if you happen to be a CT resident.

A new study conducted by NicerRx set out to find the state with the longest life expectancy and the Nutmeg State made the Top 10. In fact, we just made it at #10 on the list. CT residents have a life-expectancy of 78.4. Here is the rest of the top 10:

1 - Hawaii - 80.7

2 - Washington - 79.2

3 - Minnesota - 79.1

4. California (tie)-79

5. Massachusetts (tie)-79

6. New Hampshire (tie)-79

7. Oregon (tie)-78.8

8. Vermont (tie)-78.8

9. Utah-78.6

New York was #15 at 77.7 years of age. Which state had the terrifying result of landing at #50 on the list? That distinction goes to Mississippi. COVID-19 and it's impact played a huge role as this study began in 2020.

These are the factors NicerRx weighed, to come to these conclusions:

  • U.S. Healthcare cost by state
  • Life Expectancy at birth by State
  • Hospital Waiting Times in U.S.
  • Health Expenditure by Country
  • Life Expectancy by Country (world population)
  • Healthcare Waiting Times Across the World

Overall, our life expectancy numbers declined thanks, in part to COVID-19. The gap between men and women also widened. The Hill says, "Now, men in the United States have an average life expectancy of 73.5 while women can expect to live until age 79.3."

I don't like talking about death so I certainly don't like writing about it but it's good to know that CT is a good place to live. It's actually really surprising to learn that CT taxes, cost of living and traffic are not killing people. I'm not sure how we pulled that off but I'll take it.

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