Anytime I see a list of "strange" foods, I get intrigued.

It's so cool to visit new places and see the types of food they eat and consider "normal" compared to where you live and what you deem as normal. Each state has their own little niche and I find that fascinating.

I came across a list of The Strangest Foods in Every State, and I was curious to see what was considered strange here in Connecticut. The first one on the list was from Alabama and it was a banana and mayonnaise sandwich and yeah.. that is very weird. But is that normal there? I'd love to know.

First, let's take a look at our neighbors and see what they deem as strange.

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Massachusetts - a Chow Mein sandwich. It is apparently available at Chinese American restaurants throughout Southeastern Mass. Honestly, not a bad idea if you ask me.

New Jersey - Oreo Overload Bagel. Uhmmm.. strange? No. That sounds amazing.

New York - Pizza Box Pizza. It is sold at Vinny's in Brooklyn and pretty much you get a pizza in the middle of a pizza that additionally serves as its box. Interesting.

Rhode Island - Pizza Strips. They kind of serve as focaccia bread, but its just dough and sauce cooked and cut into strips.

And now for Connecticut. Our food here that is apparently deemed as "strangest" is the Steamed Cheeseburger. Does that count? I guess so. But since it was invented here, I feel like it really isn't that weird.

If I were from another state, I would totally understand why people saw it as strange. But since we're so accustomed to it, I think we take pride in it more than anything else. Anyways, I'll catch you at Louis Lunch in New Haven for a steamed cheeseburger.

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