Scintillating trailer, huge hype, box office bust. That would be my review if "Storm Area 51" were a movie. This had massive potential and completely fizzled out. I am really upset with the world right now. If we as humans are going to propose these amazing (stupid/fun) ideas and no one is going to follow through, why are we all here?

I live streamed this "event" while on the air this morning and what I saw were a handful of people standing near a gate, being babysat by a 20-something-year-old Sheriff. This is what the U.S. Government thought of this "threat" -- one dude in a wool cap. They knew the whole time no one was going to "Storm" anything.

The question is why did I fall for it? Why did I believe that anyone would have the stones to go through with it and try and get in to "see them aliens?" I know better than to dive face first into the hype machine. I know from 40 years on planet Earth that anything with this much hype and build up becomes a huge disappointment.

I will need to remind myself of "Storm Area 51" the next time I get excited about a hyped event. My reminder event prior to this was Geraldo opening Al Capone's vault on live television.

SPOILER ALERT: There was nothing in the vault, we all watched. Your mustache Gerry, I can't. 

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