Have you spotted the googly-eyed 'Marty the Robot' at a Connecticut Stop N' Shop?

Stop N' Shop workers are worried that robots are out to steal their jobs. The Westport News has been reporting that union leaders claim Marty and his robot friends have been programmed to pick up spills. Workers are claiming that the robots are after their livelihood.

UFC spokesperson, Amy Ritter claims that Ahold, by introducing robots to the workforce is a sign that they might not value their Stop N' Shop workers. One of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Unions in New England has already authorized a strike in Massachusetts. Voting on whether to strike at Connecticut Stop N' Shops will take place on Wednesday, March 6.

A town councilor in Greenfield, Mass. actually placed a union shirt on a robot until Stop N' Shop management intervened. Two of the unions that represent Stop N' Shop workers are calling the actions, "corporate greed."

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