If you've been refreshing Zillow every 15 minutes looking for new listings like most of us, you know that anything that shows up for sale in Connecticut between $250,000 to $600,000 has multiple bids in the first 5 minutes.

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I found a new listing on Zillow this morning that should receive multiple offers, but not from us average-earning humans. It's one of the most beautiful homes I've seen recently, and it's in one of the most incredible natural settings in our area. Location, location, location, right? For once, this 15+ Million Dollar Home is NOT located in Fairfield County.

The name of the estate is Vergelegen, it's a single-family residence situated on 298 acres of land right on the Massachusetts / Connecticut State Line on Canaan/Southfield Road in Southfield, Mass.

According to the listing on Zillow from Kenzie Fields of Elizabeth Harney Real Estate, Vergelegen was developed with the help of a creative team that consisted of two art historians, a World-Class architect, an acclaimed British Landscaper, and a Master Builder. Their results are stunning.

The property includes the gorgeous main house, a newly renovated 1840's Farmhouse, two guest cabins, an art storage building, state of the art Equestrian facilities (Indoor/Outdoor Arenas, 6 stall barn, 11 paddocks), a lined, spring-fed swimming pool, and a Northwest Connecticut favorite - Your own covered bridge.

Vergelegen has been on Zillow for 4 days, and the asking price is $15,500,000. The estimated monthly cost is $84,309, which doesn't include utilities, ha. Have a look inside this masterpiece.

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