Even though I've been out of the market for a couple of years, I still love looking through the crazy listings on Zillow Gone Wild. Just last night, a new listing came up in nearby Pawling, NY. If you have $6.5 million to burn, it's on the market.

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The property is located at 618 Quaker Hill Road in Pawling, it's situated on 25.5 acres, and each of it's 43 rooms have been lavishly decorated. It's a wild mashup of ancient themes, nineteenth and twentieth century artifacts and sculptures, and incredible use of color and wallpaper techniques. Take a stroll through -

Step Inside The Pawling, NY Manor Featured on 'Zillow Gone Wild'

I love "ZillowGoneWILD', it's amazing what artists can do to the interior and exterior of the average home. A 43 room Elizabethian style manor in nearby Parling, New York has just been featured, and you can buy it right now for $6.5 million dollars. Have a look inside this incredible property

Gallery Credit: Douglas Elliman Real Estate via Zillow.com

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