If you've been waiting for your roofing to be done by Lorenzo Desantis and his company Invigorate LLC of Watertown, Connecticut, the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection is waiting to help you.

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According to CT.gov, the CT DEP is urging any consumer who may have done business with Desantis to reach out them, as they continue to receive complaints, 14 so far since late last year, and investigate. The CT DCP said that consumers have alleged that Desantis had been accepting payments for roofing work, but had never actually shown up for the work. Complaints are currently being investigated and received from residents of Watertown, Rocky Hill, Wethersfield, and other towns around the greater Hartford area.

Desantis was formerly registered with the State of Connecticut as a Home Improvement Contractor, but that expired in November 2021, according to CT.gov.

What an awful breach of trust in an industry that relies so heavily on it. If you've experienced an issue with Desantis or Invigorate LLC out of Watertown, Connecticut, you may file a complaint, or provide information by calling 860-713-6180, or e-mail dcp.investigations@ct.gov.

The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection also suggests that before you hire a business to perform any work on your home, you should:

  • Get multiple quotes
  • Don't do business with anyone who wants the entire cost to be paid up front
  • Check out the businesses reviews, and get references beforehand
  • Verify your contractor at elicense.ct.gov
  • Ask for a current copy of the contractor's worker's compensation and liability policies
  • ensure that you have a written, signed contract, and ask questions before you sign.

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