Ending a great time for families is just sad.

Budget woes in Connecticut are once again rearing it's ugly head to take a bite out of numerous things. This time, the city of Stamford, or more aptly, it's residents, will get the short end of the stick.

So, to that end, this report come from stamfordadvocate.com where the announcement just came that there  will be no fireworks this year. City officials say budget cuts have led to the cancellation of the Cummings Beach fireworks. Other budget cuts include funding for HarborFest in August and for lifeguards at Cove's Quigley Beach.

According to Stamford Mayor David Martin this will be the first set of cuts that he has to make after Stamford's Board of Representatives made some unexpected cuts to the budget.

Only time will tell if there's enough public outcry to turn things around, but time doesn't seem to be on anyone's side.

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