It's official! Danbury has given the go-ahead for the construction of the city's first Shake Shack.

Danbury's Planning Commission recently came through with a big, "YES" for two new Danbury restaurants, the Shake Shack and the LongHorn Steakhouse, according to an article on

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Construction could begin as early as this spring, according to a Danbury Fair official who also told that both chain restaurants are chomping at the bit to break into the greater Danbury market.

Danbury Fair's Overflow Lot - Future Location for the Shake Shack and LongHorn Steakhouse - Instant Street view...

The two restaurants will be built in the overflow parking lot at the Danbury Fair where the annual carnival was held in late May through early June. Mall officials said their goal is for the Shake Shack and the LongHorn Steakhouse to be destination eateries and as soon as the Planning Commission gives the go-ahead to connect up to the city's water main, construction should begin.

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