I noticed something about River Road in Southbury this morning, someone in a very powerful vehicle did quite a few tire burnouts on the straightaway stretch before you get to the bridge. They've really left some crazy skids that mess with your eyes along the road.

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I've never owned a vehicle with more than 240 horsepower, so I really don't understand the thrill of having a 500 horsepower beast capable of smoking Pirelli's at a standstill. It must be exhilarating, but whoever was pulling off these River Road burnouts almost ate that concrete retaining wall on one side, and the metal barricade and water on the other. The vehicle must have been doing some crazy fishtails, and I can only imagine how loud that must have been for the poor neighbors trying to sleep, these sure as hell didn't happen during the daytime. It also surprises me because River Road is still shut down at the intersection with the bridge.


Burnouts are an art, we called them peel outs and powerbrakes too. Finding that right balance of brake/gas but keeping your vehicle stationary by working the brakes is tough, but revving the engine to the point of smoke is tough. I remember kids in beat up Camaros that used bleach, those clouds were especially rank. Drag racers use burnouts to warm up their slicks and increase traction, while the owner of rear wheel drive beasts in Southbury just like to leave $5 in rubber tattooed on quiet roads.

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