We are so lucky to live on the Atlantic Ocean in Connecticut, the best seafood in the world lives right here in New England. I found out just yesterday that some of the cleanest, freshest, direct-from-Maine seafood is alive and well in Bethel, Connecticut. The story behind it, and how it gets here, is even better.

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I stopped into Community Shellfish for the first time yesterday. It's located at 23 Francis Clarke Circle in Bethel, and I am in awe of what this team of incredible people do. Take a tour with me.

Some of the Tastiest Seafood From Maine is Still Alive in Bethel

Have you heard of Community Shellfish in Bethel, Connecticut yet? Do you love fresh whole belly clams, oysters, and lobsters from Maine like I do? Take a tour of the incredible facilities on Francis Clarke Circle with me.

Monster Eel Caught in Connecticut Waters

7 of The Most Dangerous Cities to Be in Connecticut After Dark

What are CT's Most Dangerous Cities? To get there, I went back to see prior lists and then took a look see what published reports had come out already for 2023. The most recent was from a company called House Grail. Like so many companies today, they used third party data to develop reports that we'll all read. The more people that read it, the more look into their business. As a consumer (a set of eyeballs) I think it is one of the most effective and digestible marketing tools. The statistics they shared come from FBI. These are 7 of The Most Dangerous Cities to Be in Connecticut After Dark: 

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