I did a little digging on the subject of summer foods, and discovered the cold hard truth according to Delish.com. The bad news is, that the summer foods we love, don’t really love us back. Here are some summer foods we ought to think twice about chowing down on:

  • Charred barbequed meat (just the way I love it literally) may have toxic chemicals that pose an increased cancer risk.
  • Corn on the cob can cause gum inflammation and plaque
  • Macaroni salad has lots of carbs, plenty of fat, and is one of those foods that easily presents a chance of giving you food-borne illness if it sits out for too long.
  • Hot Dogs The World Health Organization says that they're not healthy. The processed meat in them is as dangerous to your body as tobacco and asbestos. There could be a correlation between colorectal cancer and things used to make sausage casings.
  • Frozen Alcoholic Drinks are loaded with sugar and booze which is not the most healthy combination for our bodies on hot summer days.

But wait, there's more...see the whole list by clicking here, and you'll be mumbling just like me: why, why, why does the stuff we love have to be bad for us?

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