I'm not a patient person and I really don't like having to stop anywhere to fuel up for a trip and get a snack, but you have to now and again. It's nice to know that there are some places where you can do it quickly because most gas stations don't have their act together.

Some of Danbury's Best Gas Stations When You Are in A Rush

Whether stopping for gas, getting a coffee or just grabbing a snack, gas stations/convenience stores should be convenient, but that is not always the case. Sometimes you wait in long pump lines, some gas station lots have an odd configurations, the staff can be slow to ring you out or you get stuck behind people buying 50 Lotto tickets. These Danbury gas stations have cracked the code, they don't fall into the common mistakes that make a gas station stop a headache. These are "Some of Danbury's Best Gas Stations When You Are In a Rush."

Join me next time for what may go down as my angriest rant of all-time. When I write the worst gas station list, I'm going scorched Earth policy.

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