These people were all arrested in the State of CT, but not all of them were convicted of the crimes that they were alleged to have committed. Their real life credits range from Rock and Roll greatness, to reality TV infamy. These are some of CT's Most Infamous Mugshots.

5 of CT's Most Infamous Mugshots

I may or may not have been photographed by a Police Department in my life, who is to say really? No one can know these things, they are unknowable. I do know that if this happens to you, you are not super excited about it happening.

There are not many things that are as unsettling as being told you do not have the freedom to do what you want until further notice. Things like making a phone call, using the bathroom or having a glass of water all the sudden become way more important than they were an hour ago.

There's a pretty common thread in these cases and that is the face that we all make when the Police take our picture with a crime attached to it. You look either constipated, guilty, wondering where your keys are, or all three.

There are exceptions to the mugshot rule, some people seem really happy about their photo being taken as it relates to an alleged crime. Those instances are few and far between and the most famous example is Pablo Escobar. You can go look for that one yourself, I'm not spending the rest of of the day getting permission to use the photo.

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Whether you like or dislike Teresa Giudice, this is pretty funny. This is me "interviewing" Teresa, Sonja Morgan and Kelly Dodd backstage at the Ridgefield Playhouse. Teresa is all the way to the left of Sonja and completely cut out of the frame.

In all the excitement, I handed my phone to some random dude to take the video and he did a "random dude" job. I was also pretending to be "live," I didn't do anything "live" with this video on Facebook, Instagram or otherwise. Look how psyched they are to be "live." 

P.S. Obviously neither Ethan or I ever had the pleasure to interview Jim Morrison or Stephanie Seymour but we have interviewed both Chris Hansen and Steve Wilkos. Who the hell knows where those ended up? 

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