If you love chicken wings in Connecticut, there are a few names that come up on everyone's 'Best of Connecticut' lists - J. Timothy's in Plainville, Archie Moore's, Dew Drop Inn in Derby, TK's & Pippa's in Danbury and Oakville's Ordinary Joe's. A few have opened multiple locations because of their success. Good news, one of Connecticut's Masters of Wings is expanding to a second location. .

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I have been in love with the chicken wings that come out of Oakville's Ordinary Joe's since the first time that I tried. Let me tell you, The 'Dirty wings' at J. Timothy's? They are good, but I'd eat the smoke-butter dry rub wings, or an original old-school mild Buffalo at O'Joe's every day. It's the quality of the chicken, the Masters do so much volume, they get the good stuff.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

Ordinary Joe's has quietly and steadily captured all of the greater Waterbury 'great chicken wing'-buzz over the past decade. Now? Buckingham Street cannot contain their expertise anymore. Quite a few of my friends posted an announcement on social media over the weekend which stated that Ordinary Joe's will be opening a second location this Spring, with the same menu as Oakville, on New Harwinton Road in Torrington.

I called Ordinary Joe's to confirm the news, offer my congratulations, and order a dozen. They told me that yes, it's happening. Details are still being worked out by the owners, and no official opening date has been set, just "sometime this spring". This is great news, and I really can't wait until their outstanding wings and pub-style grub are available in my hometown.

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