Nobody needs no stinkin' stink clogging up Connecticut airways.

We all have the right to breathe easy knowing we live in an area where the air quality is clean. Personally I've never felt that there is a huge problem in Connecticut in regards to air quality. Apparently a fight was on about it and for the moment we came out the victor.

In a report from Connecticut has won its lawsuit against federal regulators over smog drifting into the Northeast from Midwestern states. The lawsuit was filed this past January and it alleges that the EPA has failed to protect Connecticut and New York under the Clean Air Act. Now a U.S. District Court ruling has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to make sure states reduce the impact on downwind states such as Connecticut.

Connecticut's Attorney General George Jepsen told

Connecticut suffers from air quality problems due to pollution sources in other states that are out of our control. Under the Clean Air Act, the EPA has a duty to take action when upwind states do not meet certain air quality standards and, in this case, the EPA clearly failed to do so...we are gratified by the district court’s ruling in this matter, and we will continue to work with our partners in New York to hold EPA accountable on this and other matters where it has not met its legal obligations

Take that stinky states. Us Connecticut residents have enough problems, we don't need to be coughing and hacking because of your drifting smog.

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