The definitive list of the wealthiest people in the United States - The Forbes 400 -  has come out for 2023, and 6 of the 400 call Connecticut their home. Millionaires? we have plenty, but are you surprised that six billionaires live among us?

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The brands, companies, and businesses that these 6 residents own are household names: The WWE, New York Mets, Bridgewater Associates. How much did #390-400 on Forbes list make last year? Over $2.9 billion each. At the top of the list? #1 was Elon Musk, who raked in $251 billion in 2023, beating #2 Jeff Bezos's $161 billion by $90 billion dollars.

Six Connecticut Residents Make Forbes 400 List, Are We Surprised?

Connecticut is home to six of the Forbes 400 list for 2023. Most of them live in Fairfield County, in well-protected homes shrouded in secrecy. You may run into one of them at an event in Manhattan before you see them pulling into a Stew Leonard's parking lot, but it's nice that they also call Connecticut home

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