Connecticut, we've seen almost everything that Mother Nature can send our way in 2024, and it is only July. Most days start and end here in drab gray, but every once in a while, we get lucky and see a stunning sunrise, a total eclipse of the sun, a scary tornado, or even a blinding blizzard.

I'm one of those slow pokes that looks up at the sky when it's exploding in reds and purple, or the green gray hue as a thunderstorm pulls away. Every time that I've looked outside and my jaw drops, I try to capture the source of that wonder. I've been stopped in my tracks six times by the skies over Connecticut in 2024, here are the six most beaufitul skies I've captured over the past few months.

Here's Six Beautiful Skies I've Captured Over Connecticut in 2024

I work in a windowless studio for most of the day, so when I walk outside and see a beautiful or angry sky, I take a picture. I've taken a photo a month so far in 2024, here are the six most beautiful skies I've seen overhead this year, so far.

Gallery Credit: Large Dave

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