The most frequent complaint I read about any shopping mall in Connecticut is the uncontrollable kids. Would restricting their access make you feel safer?

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The Connecticut Post Mall in Milford recently implemented a one year Parental Guidance Program for Saturday night shoppers. Now through February 27, 2024, visitors ages 17 and under must be accompanied by a parent, or supervising adult 21 or older, from 4 PM to close on Saturdays.


As for the Brass Mill Center Mall in Waterbury, ask the average person about it, most will say something negative - 'No national retailers', 'The food court sucks', etc. There are age-restriction shopping times also in their Code of Conduct - During the school year, unattended minors under the age of 16 can't visit Brass Mill Center unless accompanied by a parent, teacher, or guardian.

That's it. There are no more Parental Guidance Programs implemented, as far as I can tell, at Connecticut's major malls - Danbury Fair, Trumbull Mall, Buckland Hills in Manchester, Westfarms in West Hartford, Meriden Mall, SoNo Collection in Norwalk, Stamford Mall, and the Crystal Mall in Waterford. All have Codes of Conduct posted on their websites, but only the Post and Brass Mill Center malls have taken it a step further.

I'm a mallrat. I've resisted online shopping as long as I could, but I feel like I'm finally ready to cave in, stay home, and Prime it up instead. Has the in-store experience been soured for you? I wouldn't want to deprive any teen of a fun shopping experience, but if they're unsupervised, maybe it's time for more of the Parental Guidance Programs to be implemented?

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