On Monday, the State of Connecticut was hit with a Nor'easter that started with a ton of hype and ended with mixed results.

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Folks in Litchfield County, particularly "the hills" got hit pretty hard but most other areas saw underwhelming snow totals. In anticipation of the storm, schools were closed, most state and municipal buildings were shut down and a ton of restaurants and retail outlets shuttered their doors for the day.

When all was said and done, it seemed like a wasted day off. I get it, these are not easy decisions that are being made during or ahead of a storm. There are a ton of factors that go into closing down your office/business for the day. Employers need to weigh issues like:

  • How much snow is there?
  • What is the quality of the snow?
  • Will my employers be in danger if they come to work?
  • The nature of the business
  • Is our work essential?
  • Is our work relied on by the community?
  • Can we afford to close for the day?
  • Is there an virtual alternative to going into the office?
Irina Igumnova

These can be difficult questions to answer and then you have to factor in the personality of your employees and your work culture. For most of us there are no surprises, if you work in a place long enough, you know what to expect from a snow day. What is that they say? The best indicator of future behavior, is past behavior.

What is most funny to me about snow days in Connecticut, is the hype. It does not matter that we're all used to this weather and what comes with it, there is always high drama. All of us should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to treat this as any other day and yet, the chaos ensues.

Car buried in snow

Since we can't seem to handle the physical environment we were born into, I'm proposing a change that could eliminate a lot of the trouble. Every Single non-essential office should close their doors, the second there is news of a major storm. It seems this is the only way to avoid the inevitable stampede of terror in CT.

You think my plan is stupid? 

First, you should think deeply on what ACTUALLY happens when you keep your doors open. A significant portion of the staff decides to call out. They may want to use it as an excuse to get a day-off or they are legit concerned for their safety. The ones who don't call out, show up late and when they get to work, they act like they are doing you a favor. Finally, you're likely lacking resources and you're definitely light on customers to serve. If you go with my plan, the following will happen:

    • Your employees will be safe
    • Your employees will be happy.
    • You won't have to field calls from employees the night before the storm, or the morning of.
    • You won't waste electricity or materials.
    • Others will be encouraged to stay home and because of your example and they will be safe.

Is this as transparent as I think it's becoming? I'm just trying to help my fellow man. I don't want my office to close, I love my job. I also love snow days because I know I'll be one of the only people in the office. That means, I get to do the job I love with very limited distractions.

Whatever the case SHOULD be it always works out the same for the I-95 Morning Show. We come to work and complain without complaining and make jokes. That is exactly what happened this week at I-95 and we wrapped the storm in hilarious fashion on Wednesday (3/15/23).

Check out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Podcast on Apple and Spotify P.S. There is a grain of truth in every joke but we were not cracking on our current co-workers. Ethan and I have been here a LONG time so there is literally decades worth of stuff we need to get off our chest. https://youtu.be/5W3_OPllU3U I just had a flashback to former Mayor Mark Boughton trolling Danbury students on Twitter.

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