"There is nothing to do, no nowhere to go, everything is expensive." That's what they said and they were wrong about CT, especially wrong about Danbury and Norwalk.

Tour Family Activities in Danbury + Norwalk, CT

There are plenty of worthwhile and cost friendly activities to do in CT and many of them are just a short drive from Danbury, CT and surrounding areas.

My wife keeps telling me I should share our family experiences and let people know the kind of things we do. I thought, what the hell do people care about how we spend our time?

Then, recently I watched a video blog from some other nobody dad like myself to gather ideas for activities for my kids. I thought, I watched this nobody tell people where to go, I can be a nobody know it all with the best of them.

Having kids is wonderful, the joy they bring enriches your life in every way possible. However, you have to keep them occupied all the time, or they really go whacko on you.

The idea is never run out of activities and sometimes we all need help thinking of some. Hopefully I helped one of you today.

Below is a video of one of our favorite seals from the Aquarium. I told the kids he looked an awful lot like grandpa and I'm not even kidding. 

That's one entertaining seal.

P.S. Don't ask what Danbury and Norwalk have to do with each other? There are no stupid questions, but that one borders on stupid. The answer is, they are close to one another and you can fit these two activities, in these two cities into a weekend or one single afternoon.

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