Bedbible is the company that sent shockwaves though the international media after offering jobs to watch adult films, for $15 an hour.

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The same company is back making an even more desirable offer, $100 an hour to do voiceovers for adult content. Bedbible made the announcement in a recent press release that stated the following:

" are currently looking for the sexiest voice in America to narrate the sex toy reviews on our website. This unique position pays $100/hr and is 100% remote - anybody in the world over the age of 21 can apply. 

Could this be classed as your dream job? Bedbible is looking for someone who's comfortable talking about all things sex and kink - and with just the right amount of *spice* in their voice is needed!

The future narrator will be tasked with reading aloud all sorts of juicy content. In an effort to make their sex toy review content more widely accessible, are looking to hire a skilled speaker or voice artist with a sexy voice. The person should be comfortable narrating our in-depth sex toy reviews.

The sex education platform is looking for someone who will approach this task in an enticing and exciting manner that also stays true to our educational vision."

If you think you have what it takes, click here to learn more.

If I thought for one second that my voice qualified as "sexy" my application would have been recorded and submitted long before I told anyone else about this. Because I know I don't stand a chance in hell, I'll be sitting back and rooting for one of you to grab this golden goose by the neck.

Sexy woman with red lips on bed closeup, sensual lover

Ultimate dream jobs:

1 - Host a morning radio show on a mega powerful rock station in a quiet/beautiful corner of the world

2 - Professional napper

3 - Movie Reviewer

Want to hear more about ridiculous job offers? Then you should check out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Show podcast on Apple & Spotify. We've been at the forefront of longshot dream job cattle calls since 2007.

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