Yesterday was a bad day for nicotine-addicted minors in Danbury, and the vape shop owners who illegally sell them products. The Danbury Police Department has announced that after visiting 15 Smoke and vape shops around the city, almost half were issued fines. Seven were found to be non-compliant with state laws in regards to selling vape or tobacco products to youths under the legal age of 21.

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Tobacco and vape retailers are required by law to ask for photo ID from anyone who appears to be under the age of 30 in Connecticut, and eight Danbury Smoke shops passed the unannounced tests yesterday, they were -

  • All the Smoke - 6 Ives St.
  • Cloud 9 - 2 Germantown Rd.
  • Danbury Smoke Shop - 128 Federal Rd.
  • Resistance Vapor and Smoke Shop - 12 Mill Plain Rd.
  • Shirley's Smoke Shop - 16 Great Plain Rd.
  • Star Rose - 2 Mill Ridge Rd.
  • Twilight Vapor - 10 Hayestown Ave.
  • Vape point - 81 Newtown Rd.

Seven Retailers were found to be non-compliant, there were -

Seven Danbury Smoke Shops Busted For Underage Sale to Minors

It was almost a 50/50 split of compliant and non-compliant smoke shops in Danbury yesterday after 15 local stores were visited by unannounced compliance inspectors from the State of Connecticut and the Danbury Police Department. Here are the 7 Danbury retailers that were found to be non-compliant

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