God, I love social media when the gloves come off. People sure do love letting it fly when their button is pushed. I had a fun time this morning reading through the comments left on Connecticut's Junior United States Senator (D) Chris Murphy's Facebook post.

Senator Murphy posted a simple question:

And boy, did he get some responses. Over 530 as of the time I'm writing this. The majority of folks used their response to plug their business, or their best friend's. A few used their response to question Murphy about his Connecticut residency, claiming that he lives in Virginia. Most went after Murphy about his gun control policies.

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I read through all 530 comments because I'm genuinely interested in supporting Connecticut small businesses. I've come up a list of a few places that seemed to gather the most sincere responses among the commenters.

Western Connecticut small businesses did very well among the responses to Senator Murphy's post. Quite a few restaurants, bakeries, and cafes were mentioned, including Uncle Matt's Bakery & Café in Sandy Hook, who received quite a few mentions, as did Grounds Donut House in Danbury, Bou Nom Bakery in Avon, and Krafted Brew Lab in Bantam.

Overall, the comment with the most responses on Senator Murphy's post was about Waterbury's The Gun Store, it's received 71 likes. 3 Guys Ski & Ride in West Cornwall also has rallied up the shredders with a big batch of fans.

My choice for my favorite new Connecticut small businesses? Southbury Seafood Market, which is located in Southbury's Heritage Village at 466 Heritage Road.

I just wrote about how Southbury Seafood had to temporarily close recently after a vehicle smashed through the front of their store. They have since reopened and I'm very happy. Small businesses are the key to us not having to travel long distances to get necessary everyday items. What is your favorite new small business here in Connecticut?

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