Thinking about what you're going to do when this is all over? Have you been itching for a new tattoo? Maybe you need some dance lessons? Or hey, maybe you even want to buy some gold for a little "treat yo' self". We got something that can help that.

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Maybe you're just ready to get out of the house to grab some food. Trust me, us too. There is no better time to stock up on gift cards from your favorite local businesses so that you can splurge once this is all over and enjoy some great meals!

Head over to our Seize the Deal website where you can find great offers from businesses providing services like the ones mentioned above!

Also, if you hit up Danbury Tattoo for some new ink, or Brookfield Craft Center for some classes, I expect to see pictures of the finished product.. you can send in pictures right through our app.

Looking forward to the pics! Until then, I'll be dreaming about the food and drinks from Tequila Escape until I can get my hands on some..

Again, head over to our Seize the Deal website for all information.

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