The Youtuber who pulled this off, goes by Pupsi and while I do not care for that name one bit I must give him a tip of the cap for pulling off this absurd, beautiful little stunt. See Pupsi play "Africa" from Toto.

This is further proof that "Africa" is the perfect song. I am of the belief that there are only about ten songs in this world that are perfect and this is one of them. I'm here to tell you that when I saw Pupsi do his thing on was singing.

Is the song better played on root veggies? Absolutely not but "Africa" played on sweet potatoes and squash is unquestionably better than ninety percent of the music that is produced today.

If you don't like "Africa" by Toto, you need to leave this country and go far away. That being said you can't go to Africa either, you are not welcome there because as we know 100% of Africans love Africa by Toto.

As a public service I've placed the video of the original below. I know you were going to search for it anyway; I strive to be a one stop shop.

P.S. The above video has been viewed 547,431,632 times. That is not an exaggeration, it's the actual number.

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