Danbury, Connecticut is named for a village in England, in the City of Chelmsford, in the County of Essex.

Danbury sits just over 30 miles from the famous Charing Cross in London. The village was constructed on an Iron Age Hillfort and according to Wikipedia, the village is home to 6,500 people.

The Church of St John the Baptist is the oldest structure in Danbury. There is a local legend relating to the church that says the devil damaged the church's spire in 1402. This is the church:

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The Griffin Inn is another one of Danbury's more famous structures, built sometime after 1500. Famous Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott stayed there in 1808 while working on a book.

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The Griffin remains in the same location today and receives great reviews from its guests and folks who visit for a drink or some food. Below is a video tour of the city I found on the YouTube. There is great interior footage of St. John the Baptist Church right around the four minute mark.

Now the only question is where would you rather live -- Danbury, CT or Danbury of Essex?