On Wednesday (5/10/23) we reported that a large moose had been spotted in the area of Routes 63 and 73 in Watertown.

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Time to get your moose tracker warmed up because a second sighting was reported today by Connecticut Fish and Wildlife. On Friday, around 11:30 am CFW posted the following to their Facebook page:

"As of Friday morning, 5/12/23, a moose has been spotted within five miles of I-84 and route 8 in vicinity of Waterbury and I-91 in Windsor.

Moose near roadways pose a hazard potential, especially during early morning and evening hours." 

I love digital animal tracking, there is nothing more satisfying than telling people "hey look, over there, it's a living thing!" The reactions are always predictable and hilarious. Here are a few of my favorite stock responses:

  • "Wait, there are wild animals in CT? DUH"
  • "Who cares, just leave them alone and they'll leave you alone."
  • "____ is to blame if we all just____these moose would not be in danger."
  • "If you'd let us shoot a few of these, there would not be so many."
  • "People need to be more careful because I'm careful and I love animals and I'm better than you."
  • "I saw one in my living room 5 minutes ago."
  • "They're highly intelligent animals, most people don't know they are experts in quantum mechanics."
  • "They have a keen sense of smell, a moose can smell the anus of a pigeon from 8 miles away."

Facebook is the best at being the worst.

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Danbury Resident Has Astonishing Close Encounter With Famous Moose

His name is Daryl Pitman, and he's a Danbury resident who recently had a super-close encounter with a moose that has become famous in the Greater-Danbury area. In the past few days this moose has been seen in multiple Danbury locations, it's been seen in Newtown, New Fairfield, Woodbury and even Pawling, NY to name a few. 

I saw Daryl's pictures in a different moose related thread and reached out to him. I asked him to tell me more. I wanted to know if these photos were real? Did he take the pictures? Was this in Danbury? When was this? How did he feel. An excited Daryl got back to me with the following responses. 

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Photo Credit: Aurora Photography
Photo Credit: Aurora Photography

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