On Tuesday June 20, 2023 there was a raging truck fire on I-84 in Danbury.

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We published an article about it called "Danbury Fire Crew Extinguished Truck Blaze That Closed I-84 on Tuesday." That fire was put out by the Danbury Fire Department and 4 people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. We learned of the incident in the middle of the I-95 Morning Show Tuesday at around 8:20 am from a listener named Jason from Woodbury.

The next morning, Wednesday (6/21/23) we were talking about the Danbury fire when a new text came in with a new vehicle fire on I-84.

"Diddlemetimbers" sent in this photo and told us the fire was around Exit 28 Westbound on I-84. This photo was sent in just after 6 am.

Photo: Matt Wilcox
Photo: Matt Wilcox

Exit 28 is in the Southington area so I reached out to their Fire Department for more information, they told us the following:

"The Southington Fire Department was dispatched to I-84 West between x28-26 for a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, it was found the incident was in the Town of Cheshire. SFD assisted Cheshire Fire in extinguishing the fire."
I thanked them for their quick response and reached out to Cheshire to see if any additional information was available. I will share whatever information I receive from them.
This is two vehicle fires in less than 24 hours on I-84 alone. Those numbers don't make me feel safe but our Connecticut firefighters do. The responding units were all on the scene of their respective fires in a hurry. Both fires were extinguished in a timely matter and all these agencies have been responsive to my requests for information. Thank you Danbury, Southington and Cheshire Fire Departments for all you do.
We sincerely hope no one was hurt in the Spouthington/Cheshire incident.
UPDATE: (6/22/23):The Southington Fire Department says there were no injuries. 
Below is a photo of the Danbury fire from Tuesday.

Traveling I-84 is just miserable.

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Exclusive Photos, Videos, and Interviews on the Set of New Milford Horror Movie

"Candlewood" is a horror film that just finished filming in New Milford, CT. This is how the filmmakers described the project on their Indiegogo: 
"Candlewood is the first movie of three in the psychological/horror feature film franchise. A blended family moves from the city to a small town in Connecticut, where a local urban legend adds chaos and terror to an already fragile family dynamic. The staunch patriarch, who desperately wants his family to not see him as a failure but as the father that did everything, he could to keep his family together through difficult times. Candlewood follows a family leaving New York City for a simpler life in the country town of New Milford, CT. The haunting and mysterious true stories of missing hikers near a popular state park, Lover's Leap, coupled with the town of Jerusalem sitting at the bottom of Candlewood Lake gives credibility to our narrative. We bring to life the struggle of good vs evil and what happens when lifelong, outdated traditions are challenged." 
A while back I got in touch with the folks behind the movie, invited them on the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou and Dave and talked about the film, and shooting in New Milford. We spoke with Director Myke Furhman and Writer/Executive Producer Victoria Flores-Argue. During that discussion, I demanded to be in the movie, telling the duo that I have some experience acting on TV shows that never actually made it onto TV. Against all odds, they did invite me to participate and I visited the set on October 20th to shoot a scene that is important. I was extremely nervous and I had zero idea of what I was in for. Below are some insider moments from my day on-set and from others.  

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The Ridgefield Playhouse and I-95 have had a longstanding and fruitful business relationship.The Playhouse, it's leadership and staff have always been welcoming to us and we like to think we've been good to them as well.

I've been doing the I-95 Morning Show for 15 years and in that time I've had so many wonderful memories in that building. We performed our Ethan and Lou 10 year Anniversary concert there, I've met countless celebrities at the Playhouse and have attended many of their shows.

Many of the top flight guests we've booked on the I-95 Morning Show have been courtesy of our association with the Playhouse. But it wasn't just the rock stars that got invited to our studio, the people behind the curtain have always been regular guests on our shows.

Jared Shahid is the new Managing Director at the Ridgefield Playhouse but not a new face to us. Ethan and I have hung with him backstage, we've had him in the studio and he and I even worked on a TV project together.

Jared is one of the best storytellers I know so we were delighted to invite him back on the show. Recently, Shahid joined us on the the I-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou & Dave. Whenever he comes in, he brings tickets and stories for our audience. These are some of the amazing behind the scenes tales he shared with us on Thursday (5/25/23).
Aurora Photography
Aurora Photography

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