It's been about a year since most of the Sears stores in Connecticut closed. Now the company is throwing in the towel, and will be closing their Danbury Fair location shortly after the New Year.

Since 2018, Sears has been in the process of a bankruptcy restructuring that closed hundreds of physical stores around the country, however some of the company's best performing stores, like the Danbury location, remained open.

The Danbury Fair Sears was downsized in 2016 when Primark moved in and took the top level of the retail space. This allowed the store to continue to stay open when many other Sears outlets closed. The store also dodged the bullet last year when the major rounds of closings happened.

Now the company has announced that the experiment hasn't worked out the way they were hoping, and as of February 2020, the Danbury Fair Sears will be closing its doors for good.

This will now add another store to the list of major retailers that have announced that they will be closing in the mall. A few months back, Forever 21 announced they were closing, and now according to, Safavieh, the rug and furniture retailer has also posted signs announcing a moving sale. Apparently, the store is moving to the new SoNo Mall that just opened in October in Norwalk.

If you know your Danbury Fair history, then you'll remember that Sears was one of the five anchor stores that was part of the Mall when it first opened back in the 80s. After Sears closes in February, that will only leave JC Penney, Lord & Taylor, and Macy's as the original anchors that are still open. Filene's, which was one of the other original anchors closed more than ten years ago.

If you still feel the need to shop at a Sears store, the only location left in Connecticut is the Sears at the Buckland Hills Mall in Manchester.

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